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As you well know, any job that involves electricity also involves risk. Risk of injury, risk to property and the risk that things don’t go as you’d hope. Public and/or employers’ liability insurance for electricians is your safety net for unforeseen events or expenses like these. Not only does it mitigate the risk for you and your business, it also protects members of the public, your customers and anyone you have working for you too.



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No two businesses are the same so no two policies are either. We tailors yours to your needs.

Safe Electric Electrical Contractor Covered

All our policies will comply with the Safe Electric Electrical Contractor requirements.

Protecting members of the public

Public Liability Insurance gives businesses cover if a customer or member of the public becomes injured, ill or even dies as a result of an incident connected to that business. In the case of electricians like you, this could be someone falling over wires, getting shocked by exposed wires or even being hit by falling materials.

Protecting their property

Public Liability Insurance also covers you should a customer or member of the public look for costs relating to damage to their property following an incident connected to your business. Have you ever accidentally left a home without power, damaged a countertop with your tools or even started a fire? Then this cover could be the perfect protection for you.

Protecting your employees

Employers’ Liability Insurance gives you cover if an employee becomes injured, ill or even dies while they are employed by you and your company. As you know, no matter how hard you try to reduce risks, accidents often happen on busy sites. It also covers you should an employee look for expenses or damages following an incident connected to your business.


Can Sound Insurance provide me with an R44 form?

Yes, we provide you with a complete, signed and stamped R44 form for RECI.

Can I pay by Direct Debit?

Yes you can. We work with some insurers that have their own direct debit facility. That allows you to pay them directly. And for those that don’t, we work with numerous insurance finance providers, which allows you to spread the cost of your insurance over the policy period.

Are Sound Insurance tied to one company?

No, we work with nearly all the main insurers in the Irish and UK markets. That gives us access to over 50 leading insurers.

I need cover straight away, how long does it take?

At Sound Insurance we know that time is precious. So, we won’t take too much of it from you. We do everything over the phone and in most cases, cover can be arranged in minutes, with your certificate being emailed to you straight away.

Why we’re trusted by electricians like you

Small businesses like yours are the backbone of Ireland’s economy and deserve the best attention and care from their insurance provider. As a ‘direct broker’, we combine the speed and efficiency of an insurance company, with the insider expertise and customer service of a broker.

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