About us

Sound from the start

JV Hutton has been one of the foremost insurance providers to the biggest names in Irish business since 1995. Having become a popular and trusted provider, they established Sound Insurance in 2020 to cater specifically to the backbone of Ireland’s economy – small businesses. As a ‘direct broker’, Sound Insurance combines the speed and efficiency of an insurance company, with the insider expertise and customer service of a broker.

We’re here for you whatever you do

From plumbers and builders, to cafés and consultancies, we turn the ultimate grudge purchase into a pleasant, positive and satisfactory experience. From the speed of our quotes to the flexibility of our cover, you’re not dealing with an algorithm, you’re dealing with an passionate bunch of experienced insurance professionals with one a single guiding principle – to be sound.

Celebrating SMEs

With more than 25 years in the corporate insurance business, we know that the Irish SME sector has not been serviced well by insurance brokers in the past. This is partly due to old-school practices and outdated ways of doing things. We knew that to truly service the SME customers of today, a different approach was needed. So we developed a company that could combine an efficient, speedy and digital-first platform, with the insurance knowledge, expertise and service levels of a corporate broker.

A modern company for a modern company

We’re a modern, digital-first, paperless insurance provider. We work for you and always have your back. This means we pursue your best interests to ensure you get the best cover at the best price. To do this, we deal with all the major insurance companies in Ireland and the UK.

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You simply tell us what cover you want. We’ll then contact you to quickly confirm what you need. We’ll then go get your quote and usually get it to you within 5 minutes.

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